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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before taking classes. 


1.   Enrolment is for the 30 week academic year. Payments are divided into three instalments of 10 weeks. If your child does not wish to complete the year, you must email showstoppersstageschool@gmail.com giving a half a term’s notice or you will be liable for the next term’s fee. 


2.   Fees may be paid by cash, cheque or card. Cheques made payable to Showstoppers Stageschool.  Fees are to be paid in full at the start of  each term. Card payments will  incur a 2.75% surcharge. After 3 weeks, unpaid/late fees will result in an administration charge of €10. We do  not accept pay as you go classes, deposits for classes or issue any refunds for classes missed by student's. Places are held as per booking   and term. No refunds will be given once paid. 


3.   We offer €20 discount off your next term, once a friend you have recommended has signed up for a term. We also offer a family discount (to  siblings) of 10%. and to those taking 3 classes. These offers  are only applied on a full 10 week booking, paid at the start of a term. 

 No discounts are offered on exam classes. 


4.   The uniform is compulsory once you have completed a 10 week term with us. It must be worn to class each week, to auditions and outings.  Uniforms can be ordered online and are available at the admin desk in Lourdes Hall. 


5.    Parents will be notified of important information, fees due, outings, auditions, term dates and holidays via e-mail (including newsletters) text   and  also via the noticeboard by the admin desk. Emails will be issued using the parents email address  supplied on the booking form.   Please do  not hesitate to contact the school if you feel you may have missed some of the information, as this is our means of communicating with you.


6. We appreciate that this is an extra curricular activity, so we do not expect full attendance all the time. However, if an event has been organised,     such as a performance and a child misses any rehearsal time, we reserve the right to omit them from the material covered on the day, which may include missing out on the event. 


7. It may be necessary from time to time, to hold extra rehearsal classes for performances etc. These classes are not included in fees and will  incur extra charges.  


8. Showstoppers Stageschool will not be responsible for any students left uncollected, outside of the hours paid for. 


9. Showstoppers accepts no liability for any physical injury, loss or damage to persons or property occurring on the premises, whether caused by        negligence or howsoever otherwise arising.


10. We reserve the right of admission and expulsion, and to modify the programme/calendar at any time.


11.  In order to help us provide the best attention for your child please ensure that you let us know of any medical or special needs your child might have.  There is a space provided on the booking form for this.


12.   All students are represented solely by Showstoppers Agency and may get the opportunity to appear in Film, Television and Theatre. There is no charge for being a part of the Showstoppers Agency.  If an actor does get cast in a production we deal with all contracts, invoicing and arrangements on the students behalf. The parents must inform us if the student has been cast and must also inform the production company that they will not be dealing with any payments etc. We charge  20% commission. When information is given about auditions, it is not to be shared outside the school with any other members of your family or friends, unless requested to. Failure to do so, will result in full payment being made solely to Showstoppers Stageschool. 


13.  Consent for photographs/video used - In the course of the activities provided by Showstoppers Stageschool, photographs and video may be taken by the course teachers and in the case of class performances by other parents, which may include footage of your child. These may be used on our website/youtube or in our brochures from time to time.  Please ensure you let the school know in writing if you do not consent to the use of images as described above. 

  14. Complaints- If a problem occurs, please inform the relevant teacher immediately so that the matter can be put right. If the teacher cannot resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you can contact the School’s Office by telephoning 086-8911366 or emailing   showstoppersstageschool@gmail.com so that the school is given the opportunity to help. We do not accept confrontations in front of our students/customers/staff.  

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